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Лирика - Love's Requiem

Альбом "Love Metal"
Написал: maggot   Дата: 2008-03-26 14:23
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Love's Requiem

Confusion writhes around our hearts
It drains the faith that lights the dark
And sets us free
From the chains of our war and the pain we once called

The poison of doubt enslaves our minds
And we bleed
We abandon the trust that kept us blind
And disappear
Under the crimson wings of hate
Where the lost are safe until they love

The heart of darkness is hope
Of finding you there
And that hope will be our
Love's requiem

We pray to the serpent of delight
The questions are answered and we try
Not to weep
Until we are sure
We're suffering for

In the dungeon of our dreams
We're so weak
The promise made to be broken still
Haunts our sleep
We won't open our eyes
Afraid we would die for love